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How to Add, Edit, or Delete Custom Rates in Bulk

Learn how to use our powerful bulk action rate feature! Use this feature as a way to view all assigned, and unassigned custom rates by client, matter or user. Quickly add, edit or delete your custom rates with just one click!

Rocket 101

Learn to master the basics and navigate Rocket Matter. Track billable time, manage contacts, manage calendar events, run invoices and more!

Rocket Matter Track Application

Rocket Matter Track runs in the background, automatically recording a user's desktop activity, including app usage, websites visited, and files viewed. This data simplifies timesheet entry, eliminating the need for manual time tracking.

How to update your firm address and contact information.

Edit or change your firm's contact information in order to display correct contact information on documents and invoices that have been created with document or invoice templates.

How to edit your matter name or other information.

Do you need to make changes to your matter? Use the 'edit matter' button to update your matters.

How to capture billable time.

Record your time with ease using one of many easy to use features.

How to run an invoice for just one matter.

Running an invoice for a single matter is easy, click here to learn how.

How to Use Multiple Timers.

Multi-task and open multiple timers so that you can jump from matter to matter with ease.

Matter Stream.

The Matter Stream is your matter activity feed. See who has done what at a glance.

Creating and Editing Tasks.

Accomplish tasks with ease. Create to-do's for yourself or for someone else in your firm.

How to Add a Document.

Upload and store your documents in Rocket Matter to keep them organized and easily accessible.

How to use the Configurable Matter Dashboard.

Customize your Dashboard views in Rocket Matter to gain more visibility into the data that you work with most.

The Rocket Matter Mobile App.

Add time, schedule events and more all on the go, with Rocket Matter's mobile app.

How to set a custom billing rate for a matter.

Learn how to set up a custom rate for your client's by matter and billing user.

Outlook Sync with Office 365.

Sync Outlook 365 in order to sync calendaring, Word, Powerpoint and Outlook capabilities with Rocket Matter.

How to Add a Payment.

Adding a payment in Rocket Matter is quick and easy with our powerful '+Add new' button.

How to Automate Your Workflow with Matter Templates.

Matter Templates make it easy to automate your workflow when creating Matters.

How to use the Email Delivery Report.

Track, filter or re-send the emails that are sent from your Rocket Matter account.

How to Save Event Configurations.

Choose to save your event configurations for time-saving scheduling.

How to use Rocket Matter's Card on File Feature.

Store credit card information for future use. Save as many cards as your client desires.

Matter Templates, Calendaring & Tasks.

Become a Matter Template, calendaring and task whiz in under 30 minutes.

Matter Templates Overview.

Watch a quick overview on Matter Templates and how they can help to automate your workflow.

Rocket Matter Office 365 Integration.

This time-saving integration combines the power of Rocket Matter with some of your favorite Office 365 tools.

Rocket Matter Pay Request Retainer.

Send retainer requests from a client or matter level with ease.

How to set up recurring billing with Rocket Matter Pay Payment Processing.

We have recurring billing payment options that make collecting on your accounts a breeze!

LawToolBox Integration.

Manage your court rules and set trigger dates so that you stay on top of your deadlines.

Rocket Project Management.

Our project management tool will help you oversee your matters by status and run reports to help you increase your productivity.

Document & Invoice Templates.

Implement time saving methodology and create document and invoice templates that you can use with any client and any matter.

Rocket Project Management Part 1.

Track the progress and efficiency of your cases with our project management tool.

Rocket Project Management Part 2.

Attach Matter Templates to your workflows for optimized automation and bring your project management to a new level.

Legal Project Management.

A definition of legal project management.

Advanced Analytics Reports.

Rocket Matter's 'Report' section offers you advanced analytics to help you manage your firm's growth and productivity.

Rocket Matter's Insurance Defense Module.

Our Insurance Defense module will help reduce errors and omission and will get your claims paid faster.

How to Add a Client Custom Field.

Add Client Custom Fields with ease!

How to Create Global Custom Fields.

Create Custom Fields on a global level so that they appear on all your matter dashboards.

Role Permissions Overview.

Gain granular control of what your users can see and do in Rocket Matter!

Rocket Matter Kanban

Enjoy a quick overview of Rocket Matter Kanban. View and manage your project management from Kanban boards!

Rocket Matter Dropbox Integration.

Take advantage of Rocket Matter's two-way Dropbox integration!

Rocket Matter Box Integration.

Learn how to quickly sync your Box documents to Rocket Matter! Once integrated, any items uploaded to Box within a mapped file or folder will automatically be uploaded to Rocket Matter and vice versa.

Matter-Based Trust Overview.

Configure your client's trust accounts as desired with RM Trust! You may now create separate trust accounts for each matter or continue to enjoy client-based trust accounting.

How to Share Documents with Clients.

Share documents with your clients via email straight from Rocket Matter!

How to Request Documents from Clients.

Request documents from your clients via email straight from Rocket Matter! Clients can upload and send documents back to you which will automatically save in the 'Matter Documents' section.

How to use Rocket Matter Pay. Get Paid faster!

Process credit cards in-app for quick payment and reconciliation! Rocket Matter Pay is fully integrated with Rocket Matter and provides effortless electronic billing, payment plans, recurring billing, and more!

How to add a fixed percentage discount to a matter.

Learn how to add a fixed percentage discount to your matter. Customize the discount description to say anything you wish!

How To Create A Task From A Calendar Event.

Easily create a calendar event AND a task in one action and save valuable time!

How to use the ImagineShare Integration.

Combine the power and security of ImagineShare with Rocket Matter! Store your documents and sync to ImagineShare with our 2-way integration. ImagineShare boasts E-Signature capability as well as a high level of encryption to securely share your documents!

The ImagineShare Outlook Add-In (E-Signature).

ImagineShare offers robust Office 365 Online capability! Use the Add-In for all your E-Signature needs!

Paperless Prebill feature - Premier Tier

With our paperless Prebilling feature you can lock down pending billable activity from users without billing access. Keep the time pending until you are ready to bill. You can also take care of all your auditing in the user interface and save money and time on producing paper prebills!

Rocket Matter CRM

Our integrated CRM feature helps you manage business development functions such as client intake, client scheduling, follow-up, and more, to convert leads to new clients.

Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence module allows users to build their own custom reports. Choose your desired data sets and populate reports that provide the exact information you are looking for. Easily generate reports based on Matters, Clients, Contacts, Activities, and more!

NetDocuments Overview

Our NetDocuments Integration is a two way integration that you can upload your documents, create folders, organize by DocType and more!

Rocket Matter Quickbooks Integration Overview

Learn more about our one-way sync from Rocket Matter to QuickBooks Online.

Billing Overview - Batch Billing, Invoicing, Trust Accounting, and Making Payments - Pro Tier

A complete guide to billing, invoicing & trust accounting, and making payments in Rocket Matter.

Insurance Defense & LEDES Billing

Complete Office 365 Online Integration

Rocket 101-Essentials Tier

Legal CRM - Basic Training

Easily manage lead workflow, intake and all communicated with our CRM integration from within Rocket Matter.

Legal CRM - Admin Training

Learn how to manage our CRM integration from within Rocket Matter.

Legal CRM - Automation and Workflows

Learn best practices for automation, and workflows with our CRM integration.

Disconnecting and Disabling the QuickBooks Integration

Rocket Matter Pay e-Check Payment Processing.

Take advantage of Rocket Matter Pay e-check capabilities.

Rocket Matter Communicator.

Use the Communicator to chat with other firm members, collaborate on Matters, create Calendar Events, share Documents and more!

How to Set Up a Payment Plan with Rocket Matter Pay Payment Processing.

Set up a payment plan for those clients who are having difficulty paying off their balance.

Using Rocket Matter's Calendar.

Get organized by using Rocket Matter's powerful calendaring feature.

How to Change Your Password.

Update your password for added security or customize your id and password at any time in 'My Profile'.

How to use Phone Messages.

Relay phone messages to other users or capture any kind of message using our '+Add New' button.

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